Voice Master Class Series (VCMS)

VMCS Guests 2016/17

  • Andrew Gerle, pianist and composer

We are pleased to present Andrew Gerle, pianist, award-winning composer and librettist, teacher and author of the delightful “how to” for singers and actors: The Enraged Accompanist’s Guide To the Perfect Audition. Mr. Gerle’s class will center on ways to work efficiently and unrehearsed with a pianist you’ve never seen before during five-minute professional auditions – a vital skill for all singers.

  • Ruth Drucker:  French Song

Internationally lauded soprano and voice teacher Ruth Landes Drucker will examine singing comfortably in French, and exploring style  and pronunciation differences between serious French song (mélodies) and French cabaret.

Past VMCS guests have included:

Singers/Voice Teachers

  • Margaret Baroody
  • Carolyn Black-Sotir
  • Phyllis Bryn-Julson
  • Ruth Drucker
  • Zehava Gal
  • Theodora Hanslowe
  • Dr. Thomas Houser
  • Marni Nixon
  • Dr. William Riley
  • Stephanie Samaras
  • John Shirley-Quirk
  • Helen Strine
  • Mary Saunders-Barton


  • Jeff Blumenkrantz
  • Ricky Ian Gordon
  • Richard Hundley
  • John Musto

Pianist/Music Directors

  • Philip Brunelle
  • Andrew Gerle
  • Mark Markham
  • Marc Irwin


  • Wendy Lane Bailey
  • Jeff Blumenkrantz
  • Elaine Bromka
  • Betty Garrett



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